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Client12.0 (8.60)
OwnerMovie, Felipe & Crypter
Map AuthorFelipe
Map Size2262 x 2131
EngineBaiak Thunder
Engine Version1.3


General information:
IP: thoria.online
Port: 7171

Welcome to Thoria Online, a custom server with unique systems, cooldown of spells adjusted, and 100% custom map with several different quests, all large respawns, diverse NPCs around the map. A server entirely with RPG, without lag, total security and protection against DDoS. We have a great team working on bug fixes and improvements to the game. Everything you need to have fun guaranteed.

It's been a while since we announced that we're working on a new server, and as promised we'll notify you as we get closer and now we can finally say we're at that point.

In recent weeks, we've been busy creating Thoria, it's not our first server and we hope it's the last, and it's not our first time running a server that can grow, we'll do our best, and it's not as easy as you might think in getting started. We are not just starting the server to close it next month. It also means that we are changing donations for purchases, but that does not change the payment process, and we will still be using money to improve the servers and provide the best experience.

However we will not adopt VIPS items, nothing of the type, we will only work with mounts, addons (not all), features of houses etc.


Bem-vindo ao Baiak Thunder!

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