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Welcome to Arcanis RPG Server(rules) information:

[Golden account(14 days)]:
-loot message and the option to add loot to the coloring list
-10% to exp per monster (Example Dragon gives 700 so with this you will get 770)
-Possibility to trade with Rashid
-Light (utevo lux range, !light to disable/enable)
-Possibility to buy/sell house (You will not lose you house when Golden Account expire)
-Option to convert gold and platinum with a right click.

[World configuration]:
-Low rate 7.4 Realmap Server
-Datacenter Virginia, (USA)
-Custom made Antibot Client
-Advanced proxy system!
-Built-in cam system.
-Server save at 10:00 AM.

[Experience stage]:
Will be updated soon!

[Game Configuration]:
Will be updated soon!

-Promotion Cost: 20k
-Amulet Of Loss Cost: 50k
-Blessings: 10k each
-Desert Quest: solable
-Runes buyable in shop: No
-Spells: paid (Utevo Lux, Exura, Exori Vis/Flam/Mort, Exevo Con - free)
-Start Equipment: No
-Low level protection: No
-Market system: Enabled, runes are excluded from it.

[Battle Configuration]:
-Frags to Red Skull: 3
-Frags to Ban: 6
-Frag duration: Golden Account: 12h, Free: 24h
-Unjustified player killing ban time: 7 days.
-Final ban time: 30 days.
-Red skull disappear when all frags gone.
-Warnings to 7 days ban: 1
-Warnings to 30 days ban: 2
-Warnings to deletion: 3

-Modified speed formula
-Expshare & Vocation Hunt
-Boosted spawns
-Instant travel "bring me to"
-Properly oldchool UHTrap
-Summons does not take experience
-Server is using account balance and transfer system in NPCs
-Advanced Tasks.
-Extensive Wiki page
-Live Cast system (Cast gives you 5% more exp if you enable it without password)
-Cam system (Each player is constantly being recorded and he decide what to share)
-Guild war system
-Advanced walking system
-Market system
-Loot analyzer system
-New house system that guest player cannot move items in house
-Anty skull bashing on battle (more details)
-Anti depot trash
-Global depot
-Protection of noob-chars during the war
-Re-open backpacks when re-login
-Boosted bed regeneration
-New Hunting Places.
-New Outfits.
-And many more.

[Regeneration rates]:
Sorcerer: 1 HP / 8 seconds, 1 MP / 2 seconds
Druid: 1 HP / 8 seconds, 1 MP / 2 seconds
Paladin: 1 HP / 5 seconds, 1 MP / 3 seconds
Knight: 1 HP / 4 seconds, 1 MP / 5 seconds

Master Sorcerer: 1 HP / 6 seconds, 1 MP / 1 seconds
Elder Druid: 1 HP / 6 seconds, 1 MP / 1 seconds
Royal Paladin: 1 HP / 4 seconds, 1 MP / 2 seconds
Elite Knight: 1 HP / 3 seconds, 1 MP / 5 seconds

Life ring: 1 HP / 3 seconds, 1 MP / 3 seconds
Ring of Healing: 1 HP / 2 seconds, 4 MP / 2 seconds
Soft Boots: 1 HP / 2 seconds, 2 MP / 2 seconds

1 HP / 4 seconds, 1 MP / 4 seconds (50 level)

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