High-Exp Custom OT

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Client12.9 (10.98)
Map AuthorKomic
Map Size33853 x 32991
Engine Version1.0


This is a high exp-level server running at about 15000x exp.

Every piece of equipment has been remade into a custom set, resulting in a total of 17 unique sets, each with its own attributes such as mana gain, damage reduction, increased damage, and skills!

The server has 5 promotions levels, giving players a wide range of customization options for their characters.

In addition to the standard vocations, the server features 3 custom vocations: Demi-God, Titan, and Immortal, each with its own unique abilities and strengths.

The server features puzzles and quests for players to complete, offering a variety of challenges and rewards.

There's also a crafting system in place, allowing players to create custom items with unique attributes and stats.

If you die with the promotion, 1% of your exp will be lost, but if you die with the 2nd promotion, you won't lose any exp!

The server features portals with level requirements and 2x spawn of each monster, ensuring that everyone can hunt without the spawns being too crowded!

There are no NPCs on this server, so be sure to use !help for assistance and ask questions in the help channel.


Rebirth system:

When you reach level 1000000, you can choose to reset your character's level to 1 and start over, while retaining certain bonuses and rewards based on your previous progress. These bonuses will increase with each subsequent rebirth, providing a sense of progression and achievement unlocking new areas/using new wands and using custom spells As you work and rebirth system are staged with level the more you gain rebirth the hard you level to make it more challenging

Come check it out for tons of fun! You won't regret it!


Welcome to Unique-Madness the best high-exp server ever!

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