Dolports Challenges

Dolport Challenges

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Clientn/a (10.98)
Map AuthorSyndru
Map Size2048 x 2048
EngineThe Forgotten Server
Engine Version1.3


Low(er) rate server
Currently there are:
4 Cities
Hunting grounds from level 8 to 250
Hunting Force (Killing in the name of...)
Several unique quest lines, some with a boss
More than 60 quest boxes all over the world to be found
Critical is possible to be gained by gathering
Mana leech is possible to be gained depending your fishing level
Unique items that give all kinds of benefits
Lot's of raids with unique creatures
NPC Shop & Player Market
Tower of lost hope (Boss battle arena)
Free premium
Bank system
Mapmarks to help you find the spots you want to go
Mapviewer (check on the website where each NPC or monster is)
Obtainable mounts in-game
Obtainable outfits in-game
Online and Offline trainers
Custom addons system
Custom spells
Custom creatures
Custom bosses
Newbie protection till level 20
Autoloot system
Crafting and Alchemy
Enhancing possible on all equipment
Gathering (Stones can be cut with a pick and Trees can be chopped with an Axe)
Advanced fishing system
Unsolved mysteries
And more to come

The server is updated frequently

Exp Rate: from x5 to x2 at 100
Magic Level: x2
Skills: x3
Loot: x1

For more information you can always use the website and/or join the Discord group.
Website: Latest News - Dolports Challenges (https://dolport.ddns.net)
Port: 7171
Discord: Join the Dolport Challenges Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/TnFmqtF)


Welcome to Dolports Challenges Server! For questions or other information check discord: https://discord.gg/TnFmqtF

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