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Client12.7 (12.72)
Map AuthorOTServBR
Map Size32839 x 32092
EngineOTServBR - Global
Engine VersionTFS 1.3


Welcome to Mista-OCE!

12.72 Client hosted 24/7 from Sydney, Australia.
Server Launched Jan 2022.

There is no VIP/Premium Feature, all content is free to play.

Discord: https://discord.gg/XsEVfpBqgx

This server closely represents the real map with heaps of custom changes (specifically towards endgame).
New custom town 'Mista' located to the left of Thais, providing a large hunting tower that contains teleport shortcuts to all regular hunting spawns. All teleporter spawns have been edited to either increase their EXP/Loot/DMG to make more spawns viable as you progress through levels. Due to this you will not be required to farm one spawn over and over, you are encouraged to explore new spawns getting good exp or profit rates and explore more content. Upon reaching lvl 400+ you will be exposed to a nice mix between real and custom content (Dungeons/Arenas/Custom Spawns/Custom Equipment). When you reach lvl 800+ you unlock access to a full custom map to explore, you will find custom monsters with new animated spells, daily quests and upgradable custom equipment and weapons. See discord for more details.

Server is undergoing constant updates and events, which are posted to Discord!
Join Discord to keep up to date with all the most recent updates, info, guides, videos.

(Website is rarely updated - please access discord cool)

Server Info: Exp and Skill/ML are staged to help players progress through early content quickly,
then slow down gradually and appropriately to make gains feel more rewarding.
This creates a nicely balanced catch up mechanic for new players.

Text Commands: Players have access to text commands for gameplay conveniences
(Examples: !bless, !bank, !vial, !potions ..etc).


Aoe Looting (1 click to loot every monster on screen, including stacked bodies).
Custom town with custom npc's and many well-designed houses with anti-logout squares.
Shared Party Experience changed to number of players (not number of different vocations).
Shared bonus per player has been increased from 4 vocations to 6 players.
100+ Different Hunting Spawn Shortcut Teleports (Quick access to any spawn you like to hunt!).
20+ Boss Quick Shortcut Teleports (Bosses have been adjusted to allow smaller groups).
14 Quest Quick Shortcut Teleports (Adding additional TPs upon request).
Level Rewards: 20, 50, 100, 200 - more to come.
Many Spells adjusted to make more viable or user friendly (range/area/dmg/cds).
Custom Spells for each vocation (check discord for video demonstration) - more to come.
Custom Items:
Containers: Imbued Backpack (2 Slots - Crit/Skills/Cap), Loot Backpack (Vol:120).
Dolls: Permanent Town TP, Permanent House TP.
Unique: Boss Cooldown Tracker, Music Box (All Mounts added), Addon Doll, RNG Bag, RNG Shard Box
Mid Level Custom Content:

4 Custom Hunting Spawns.
Daily Dungeons: Recommended 4-5 players, progress through content to find multiple bosses.
Lvl 400+ 3 Dungeons available.
Lvl 600+ 5 Dungeons available.
Daily Arenas: Solo/Duo content that rapidily spawns custom monsters around you.
Your goal is to survive the content for 10min while receiving great exp.
Lvl 400+ 4 Arena's Available - Daily reward for surviving at least one arena.
Lvl 600+ 4 Arena's Available - Daily reward for surviving at least one arena.
New lvl 600+ Mista Equipment/Weapons.
End Level Custom Content:

Lvl 800-1400: Custom Expansion: 19 custom spawns, 48 custom monsters,
custom animated spells, Upgradable custom "Everlasting" equipment [Rank 1 to Rank 5].
Many Daily Quests.

Lvl 1400-2000: End Game Custom Expansion: 18 custom spawns, 64 custom monsters,
custom animated spells, Upgradable custom "Everlasting" equipment [Rank 5 to Rank 10].



Welcome to Mista-OCE

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