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Client8.6 (8.6)
Map Author8G
Map Size2548 x 2548
EngineThe Forgotten Server
Engine Version0.4


- Whole custom world, custom map, custom vocations
- A new history (full RPG) a lot of secrets/mysteries to solve
- Calculation of damage/heal all done in SKILLs/ML (level does not influence)
- Premium sold in-game for in-game money by command !buypremium
- VIP donate: free premium +30% exp rates
- Spells purchased from NPC
- There are spells to create your supplys like runes, arrows, bolts...
- Train your fishing level and get better and more expensive fish (a good way to make money)
- Train your mining level and get better and more expensive ores (a good way to make money)
- Use refinement stones to increase the attack/defense of all your items
- There is no level restriction for party exp share, so you level 100 can help your friend level 8 level up very fast!
- Stamina fills ONLINE if you're not hunting (faster than offline, so you can train and earn stamina)
- As with addons made by items/quests, outfits are only released if earned, either by quest, items, task, premium...
- There are several ways to increase your EXP/SKILL rates, some examples below:

Exp Bonus
You can increase your experience by up to 3X (+300%)!
Green Stamina (+50%) : First 3 stamina yours (green stamina) give you a EXP bonus
Online guild member (+10%) : Each member of the online guild adds 1%, and can reach +10% with 10 or more online players.
Throne owned (+10%) : Join your guild, invade a castle, kill the chancellor and rule the city for your guild (+exp for all guild members, only one city by guild)
VIP account (+30%) : Make a donation to the server, help to make it still online and exchange your donate coins for a VIP scroll, once you use it you will have this experience bonus for 30 days! (also more deathloss reduction)
Vocation Party Share EXP (+150%) : Each member of your different vocation party will be added a +50% bonus, a party with 3 vocations will receive 150% more than exp (each new Rooker also adds another 50% until it reaches the 150% limit)
Vouncher EXP (+30%) : 10/20/30% there are vouchers that can be purchased for the game and other donations, when activating a voucher you have an exhausted 6 days to use another one again and it lasts 24 hours.
Weekend EXP (+20%) : Every Friday/Saturday/Sunday has a +20% exp bonus for all online players

Use the command !guildbonus and all members of the guild above level 50 will receive free premium (the bonus will only be granted once per player)

World type: PVP
Protection level: 1 (FREE BLESS until get lvl 8)
Kills to red/black skull: 3/6 (only 1 player get frag on team kill)
Frag left in 3 hours
House rent period: forever (but if you be inactive you lose your house)
Location: Hosted on USA - St Louis
Every day a random raid occurs (with warning and without warning) at one of these times: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 15:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 22:00
globalSaveHour: 7:00


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