Eternal Tibia

Launch 2 December

DK Flag

Server Info

Client10.98 (10.98)
Map AuthorKomic
Map Size33785 x 33812
EngineThe Forgotten Server
Engine Version1.4


Hello and welcome to EternalTibia, where we do our upmost to give you the gaming experience you are looking for.
We are extremely excited to open our server to the public EDT 4:00 October 29th 2021 after months of endless work and many long nights implementing systems that will benefit our playerbase & their time here with us!

8 - 20 = x5
21 - 50 = x3
51 - 130 = x2
131+ = x1.5

There are many more exciting attributes to our server, such as;

Very Active GOD's, putting YOU First!!
No Protection Zone on boats etc!
Burst arrows are usefull!
Fully working stamina system, along with stamina exp boost!
Regain stamina at our fully custom built Training Centre!
No Rookgaard!
Wide range of Custom Quests & Dungeons!
4 New custom islands!
Variety of Daily Events! - Event shop
Our very own casino!
Custom Equipment - some have "Set Bonus" for multiple pieces
Our very own Item Rarity System!
Personalised Addon Bonus System!
Adjusted Cooldowns, provoking exciting PVP!
We strive to have weekly updates, and any bugs fixed ASAP!
Our unique Dungeon Timer System, To track teams progress in our custom Dungeons!
Ordinary PVP system, with an added twist of Gaining EXP from kills of Higher levels!
Running up to date client updates, ensuring we have the newest OTC possible!
Daily Boosted Creatures!
Potions scale on levels! 0.2% per level
No twist of fate!
Better balance of voc damage!
No ultimate mana potions for mages or supreme health potion for eks!
In-Game Built in Bot provided by OTClientv8.
Custom Autoloot system,
No damage in party(Only if you got pvp-mode on)
Windows + Linux + Mac + android client!
In-game store!

With all this being said, We also boast an impressive 200+ Outfits & Mounts!


Welcome to Eternal Tibia, Enjoy your stay. Join our discord https://discord.gg/SdkqaHeqAR

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