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Check our website for more info: https://www.ascar.us/serverinfo

- Real map 8.6 with several custom towns
- Optional antibot client launcher for manual players
- A total of 95 outfits
- A shop for beginner guilds who want to compete on Ascarus
- Roshamuul accurately converted to 8.6, including all bosses & raids
- Guild Battle Arenas - Customizable war arenas, featuring configurable AoE damage, SSA/Might Ring equip exhausts, player limits, max player levels, fast push mode, high risk mode & more
- Reward Chest system - You will always get loot if you help killing a boss
- Magic Items - An extensive item enchanting system
- Item Salvaging - Got a magic item that doesn't have any interesting bonuses? Salvage magical dusts from it and exchange them for orbs of enchantment in order to enchant another item!
- Item Market system - Got an item with interesting bonus stats that you think someone might like to buy? List it on our item market!
- Weekly activity rewards with points & mentions
- A total of 22 towns, each town has it's own spawns, quests & secrets to discover
- Community poll system on the website
- Ability to view your account's login history
- Bosses that have their own artificial intelligence
- Many unique events - See the events page for more info
- Bounty hunter system - Place a bounty on your enemies head to get them killed
- Offline messaging system
- Custom addon bonus system - Increase your character's stats for each full outfit addon you collect
- Custom task systems - we feature a daily task sytem, a progressive task system, a special tasks from NPC Eruaran, which you can find in Roshamuul in order to obtain valuables such as prison keys in order to fight the Roshamuul prison bosses, as well as a customizable task system that lets you pick your own monster amounts and pick between a gold or experience reward
- Partnered Twitch streamers - Show off Ascarus on your stream and we will promote your stream on the website automatically
- Achievement system - Unlock achievements for doing various things in the game, achievement points are also required in order to enter specific quests
- PIN security system - Protect your characters with our homemade two-factor authentication system
- Free premium points for reaching specific levels
- Referral system - Refer your friends to Ascarus and earn free premium points
- Quest log entries for quests
- More than 40 custom quests
- Players are limited to a maximum of 4 active MC clients to combat massive MC farms
- Standard boss raids were tuned to fit the gameplay dynamics of Ascarus - You won't see an Orshabaal die in 5 seconds
- 10.x respawn system (non-blockable spawns)

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